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Trudy Ashplant (Durham)

Mary Bishop (East Sussex)

Julia Dashkovskaya (London South)

Also Palmistry

Sasha Fenton  - (Devon)

Also Astrology, Palmistry

Helen Francesca (Shropshire)

Also Astrology

Russell Grant

(Unavailable for Consultations)

Also Astrology

Rosina Hone (Kent)

Marlene Houghton, PhD; MSc; BSc;  Dr of Philosophy (London - West)

Also Astrology

David (Totem) Jones (Manchester)

Melayne Lamonte-Stone

(London - South)  Also Mediumship

Mercedes Lopez (East Sussex)

Kami Maharaj (Canada)

Ella Moonbridge (East Sussex)

Also Runes, Intuitive Cards, Palmistry, Psychic Art

Shileen Rodgers (Essex)

Also Clairvoyance, Colour Readings, Aura, Palmistry, Crystal Divination

Sophie Rose (Wirral)

(Unavailable for Consultations)

Christine Shirley, BA Hons.

(London - West)   Also Clairvoyance

Natasha J Soliar, BA Hons PGCE.

(London/Essex)  Also Intuitive Cards

Jacqueline Towers, Dip. Couns. (Devon)  (Not available at present)

Lucy Voss (London - North)

Audrey Yeardley, B.Ed (Hons) (Scotland)


The Tarot has become one of the most widely used of all divinatory systems in the West. In its use as both an Oracle and a Book of Wisdom it can be considered as the equivalent of the I Ching in the East, for both are concerned with the interplay of the forces at work in our lives. As the Wheel of Fortune from the Rider-Waite pack suggests, all is subject to change, though the nature of those changes is largely up to us through the decisions we make and the actions we take. Although the present always rests on the foundations of the past, the future is always about possibilities and probabilities, not certainties.  What a Tarot reading shows us in symbolic form through its images are the forces at work in our lives that have brought us to where we are now and what they are leading us toward in the future.

Just as there are many shades and hues of every colour, so the principles which the Tarot cards represent are capable of many shades of interpretation according to the purpose for which a reading is being undertaken and this is where the skill of the reader comes in to play. While many ‘Card Readers’ use whatever kind of cards they prefer simply as a focus for their psychic abilities (see Intuitive Cards), all BAPS Consultants are expected to have a good in-depth knowledge of the esoteric meanings of Tarot symbolism, together with the thematic information associated with the chosen deck. The Tarot can be used to reveal past, present and future covering a variety of areas ranging from spiritual concerns to personal and health matters, or business affairs, as well as to gain advice regarding specific problems

With a Star Reading you pay a fixed price of £50 for a 30 minute reading with a Consultant of our choice who will contact you by email or telephone within 48 hours to arrange your reading with you.

Astrology  -  Auras  -  Clairvoyance

Colour readings  -  Crystal divination

Graphology  -  I Ching  -  Intuitive Cards

Mediumship  -  Numerology

Palmistry   -  Other